Remote work is hard

If you or your team are struggling fully adopt an effective remote work culture… Well, you are not alone. Even the most efficient and best trained teams struggle with remote collaboration. I’ve seen these struggles play out for years, though they have been exacerbated in 2020 by the sudden shift to remote work in response to the world wide pandemic. 

About Remotely Possible

My name is Tucker Johnson and I created Remotely Possible in 2020 to motivate myself and my colleagues to fully embrace the remote work life-style. It’s an interesting experiment I have been running for a while now, and I am very happy to be sharing the results with any who may care to learn from the mistakes I have made managing remote teams for close to two decades. 

Working the language services industry, it has always been my job to help my clients enter new markets by managing the internationalization, globalization, localization, and translation of their products. Since I have to work with translators from all over the world, my job has always been by definition a remote job. 

Remotely Possible’s mission is simple: 

To support and celebrate my virtual colleagues around the world by providing training and educational resources for leaders to better manage themselves and their teams with or without an office. 

No time for phone #digitalnomads

When I was getting my start in business, getting access to training resources and information was a challenge. Today, we face the opposite challenge of having too much information. It is difficult to know what to trust. Many consultants and industry analysts of people tend to paint an overly rosy picture of what it means to adopt remote work practices. All of the new #digitalnomad influencers love to talk about the “remote” aspects, but too often leave out the “work” part.  This does a disservice to those who are looking for real answers. 

Let’s be real. Working remotely effectively is a skill. Just like any other skill, we need to practice it. We need to study. We need to train. We may need a coach to help guide us. Sure, we need encouragement on our journey to becoming a more effective remote worker, but we also need practical, actionable advice.

It’s my goal to help you cut through the fluff and to give you a real picture of what it means to be a remote worker. 

About Tucker Johnson

Remotely Possible is my hobby, not my day job. Beyond this project, I am co-founder of Nimdzi Insights, a research and consulting firm focused on globalization, localization, and culturalization services for international companies. We provide custom user experience research and market analysis to better understand international audiences (For a taste, check out “Project Underwear”). Each year we publish the Nimdzi 100 and the Nimdzi Interpreting Index, and the Language Technology Atlas, which are the definitive benchmarks for the localization and interpretation industries. 

I am also the co-owner and producer at MultiLingual Media, which publishes daily MultiLingual News, prints a semi-monthly periodical MultiLingual Magazine, and hosts a variety of programing on MultiLingual TV, all focused on language, business, and technology.

Together with my business partner, Renato Beninatto, I am the co-author of The General Theory of the Translation Company, a succinct introductory resource to help globalization managers understand the framework of the localization industry. The text has been translated into Chinese, Turkish, Italian, and Russian, and has been adopted as a standard text for localization programs in Universities around the globe. 

In light of my goal to provide educational resources for the next generation of leaders, I frequently guest lecture at Universities, and each spring I teach a workshop on Account Management for Project Managers at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey

I manage all these initiatives while working remotely from my home office, coworking spaces, coffee shops, public parking lots – you name it. While I’m based in Seattle, I frequently travel (pandemics permitting) and have to take my work on the road. 

Get in contact with Remotely Possible

If you’d like to get in touch, you can connect with Remotely Possible or Tucker Johnson on social media, or reach out directly at [email protected]